Step By Step of the Repair Process

Step 1: We will disassemble the necessary damaged areas of your vehicle, write a thorough estimate and order any parts needed. Parts availability may vary per manufacturer which may

Step 2: Body repairs begin. It is not uncommon to identify more damage during the car repair process that may require additional parts and labor that were not included on the original appraisal, this is called supplemental damage. If any additional damage is indentified we will call the insurance company to get their approval and call you with an updated delivery date.

Step 3: The Paint Process beings

Step 4: After painting is complete, your vehicle is re-assembled.

Step 5: Specialty mechanical or electrical work will be completed if necessary. Examples include: suspension alignment, air bag service, resetting of electrical components, etc.

Step 6: Quality control process. A thorough inspection of all repairs will be performed and if necessary taken for a test ride. Your vehicle will be washed and  scheduled for delivery. We will call you as soon as it is ready.